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We are firm believers in the great potentials of Nigerian youth. When given the opportunity to thrive, our young people exhibit nothing short of excellence. Unfortunately, Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children in the world.

Those who are privileged to go to school are not guaranteed a well-paying job as the country also suffers from unemployment. Sadly, beyond the fact that there are limited opportunities, most schools are not designed to help young people explore their talents, equip them with entrepreneurial mindsets and prepare them for workplace realities. Crystal Lens was borne out of a strong desire to help young people see beyond existing limitations and to change the narrative of an average Nigerian youth.


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Our Vision

We envision a Nigeria where the average youth has the capacity and opportunity to attain academic, career and life success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expose young people to the right knowledge, equip them with the right skills and connect them to relevant resources/opportunities needed to maximize potentials and rise above poverty.

Crystal Lens Programs

Crystal Lens Career Builders is a youth based social enterprise focused on helping young minds to build successful careers in line with their purpose by promoting self-awareness and personal development.

School Support Program

We multiply our impact by partnering with different schools in low income communities to improve student learning. Our school support services include Student-On-Track and Work Based Learning

Community Learning Center

We operate a cool hangout spot where young people can have access to a mini library, computer lab, creative games, and most importantly a coach they can talk to about life and career related issues

Work Experience Program

Crystal Lens runs this program in partnership with Career Miners. The focus of the program is to provide young people with practical knowledge and

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