Partner with us

To ensure the success of this program, we recognize that there is a need to partner with various stakeholders including corporate organizations, HR practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, individuals in the educational space and the likes.  Hence, we are requesting this collaboration. Here are specific ways that you can partner with us:
Curriculum review committee/advisory council: We regularly review our curriculum and content for our work based learning program and it is important to have the input of professionals in the corporate environment so that it can truly reflect current workplace realities. You can be a part of this committee
Job shadowing for our high school students: We provide opportunities for our graduating students to shadow/observe a professional to learn more about a potential career before they make decisions about post-secondary education and career. You can collaborate with us to host our students for a physical or virtual job shadowing experience 
College/Industry Tour: We take our students on trips to tertiary institutions and organizations to expose them to realities of the real world and help them picture a better future for themselves. You can collaborate with us to host our students at your space
Internship for SS 3 graduates: You can host students in our Alumni Network (Secondary School graduates) for internship in their specific career of interest, to help them gain experiences before they head off to tertiary institution
Training & Facilitation: We hold career fairs, career development classes and other technical skill workshops. You can share your expertise and help our students develop skills.
Sponsor an Event: We hold events like the Annual #WhenWeSpeak Speech Competition where students are able to share researched and personal experiences about a societal challenge in Nigeria and their idea for a potential solution. Your organization can contribute branded materials as consolation prizes and/or sponsor other aspects of the event
Others: You can always attend our events as a guest, judge or mentor for our students. These events are an opportunity to meet with our students before engaging them in your workplace