15 May 2017

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Being stuck in the wrong career is a huge tragedy! Career is life-long; henceone cannot afford to fail. Although, everyone desires to attain success, the reality is that many fail in building a successful career.

A successful career is one that brings fulfillment to an individual on one hand, and benefits the society on the other. The truth is that it does not come by chance; it is built. It is a deliberate process that involves clarity, hard work and diligence.

Follow the five (5) steps below to build a successful career:

  1. Get to know yourself: It is important to spend time with yourself to find out what makes you happy, what you are passionate about, what you are very good at doing and even your purpose in life. This will give you an idea of what you will be comfortable doing throughout your life time.

  1. Examine several career options: Based on what you discover about yourself, you must go ahead to identify several careers that align with your person. Get to know what each of them will take to become reality. This includes the skills, knowledge and experiences needed.


  1. Work with a career coach to choose a suitable career: A career coach will help you identify and develop your potentials. You need a career coach to guide you in making the right decision and work with you through the entire process.

  1. Get a role model: A role model is someone who is already living your dream. Having a role model will give you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. It will also serve as a bench mark and help you to remain on track at every point in time.

  1. Take action: The best time to start is now. It is important for you to design a plan and follow it diligently; however there should be room for flexibility. Note that every step you take must be deliberate; from the courses you choose to read, to the jobs you decide to take onand even the network of friends you keep.