Crystal Lens runs this program in partnership with Career Miners. The focus of the program is to provide young people with practical knowledge and hands-on work experience needed to excel in chosen careers by connecting them to organizations within and outside the community.

  • Job Shadowing: We connect young people to professionals in organizations to help them understudy the nitty-gritty of a particular job role and decipher their level of interest. This also helps them to build skills and gain relevant experience.
  • Summer Jobs/Businesses: This is specifically for senior secondary school students. We connect them to job opportunities in their field of interest during the summer holiday or/and help them turn their innovative idea into a seasonal business for the summer holiday.
  • Internship Opportunities: We connect secondary school graduates and college students to internship opportunities to help them get hands-on work experience while rendering their services to local organizations.
  • Professional Mentoring: We run a structured mentoring program where our fresh secondary school graduates and college students are connected to volunteer professionals in their various fields to guide them in their journey towards building the careers of their dreams.