Work Based Learning is one of the school support programs offered by Crystal Lens.The goal of the program is to help high school students from vulnerable
communities identify and build successful career paths by providing opportunities to gain industry-relevant knowledge and experiences in alignment with their personal interests.

    • Career Development Classes: Introduce students to various career pathways and basic employability skills


    • Technical Skills Workshops: Equip students with
      entry level skills in growing industries like IT and Renewable Energy


    • Educational Field Trips: Take students on tours to
      organizations and tertiary institutions to help connect learning to the real world


    • Career Fairs: Connect students to professionals to learn about their unique career journeys and be inspired


    • Girls Career Acceleration Project: Provide one-on-one career coaching and mentorship for selected girls and work with them to plan their careers


    • Practical Work Experience: Connect students to job shadowing and internship opportunities to gain hands-on work experience


    • Annual Speech Competition: Create a platform for students to present inspiring essays, build selfconfidence, and win various prizes