We operate a cool hangout spot where young people can have access to a mini library, computer lab, creative games, and most importantly a coach they can talk to about life and career related issues.

The services we render at our learning center include:

  • Academic Support: We provide a safe environment for school children in the community to do their homework and have access to books/online resources. Our mini library is also opened to registered youth in the community on a daily basis. Again, we hold fun tutorials, book clubs etc. to encourage reading and help young people excel in school
  • Digital Literacy:Our computer lab is opened on a daily basis to registered children and youth. They can use our internet to explore online courses and generally improve their computer skills. We also hold trainings in specialized courses like graphic designing, social media management, web programming etc.
  • Life/Career Coaching: Registered teens/youth can book sessions with our coaches to discuss life and career related issues. This could range from working with students to choose suitable: department for senior secondary school, college courses, area of specialization, or mapping a career plan. It could also include discussions around challenges encountered and how to thrive beyond limitations
  • Training/Work Shop: We provide monthly trainings on various work and entrepreneurial skills. This includes workshops on resume writing, interview skills, developing business plan, communications etiquette, problem solving skills and other specialized courses. Our goal is to prepare young people for workplace realities and position them for career success
  • Faith-based Mentoring: We believe that everyone has a purpose on earth and is blessed with a life vision. We provide a safe space for young people to explore their faith and freely ask questions. Our mentors are readily available to walk with young people in their faith and self-discovery journey.
  • Summer Program: This is a one month holiday program specifically opened to secondary school aged children/teenagers. Here, we teach general school subjects, provide experiential learning opportunities, digital literacy, vocational skill training and other fun activities for young people. Registered students are also provided with a meal during this time.