17 Mar 2020

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Hello guys!

Are you planning on embarking on a specific career?
Are you already in a specific career path?
Are you interested in gaining practical knowledge on how to be successful in your career?

Then, welcome to our specific career field series.
By reading this post, you would gain insight on key career experiences from the horse’s mouth.

This is how it works, we interview professionals in a chosen career field so that they can share with us, the overview of their career field.

For today’s post, we interviewed Imuede Phina, a professional female artist who majored in “painting”. We did this in order for people to gain indepth understanding of what it takes to be an artist, and important intricacies to be reckoned with.

• Who is an artist?
For me, an artist is anyone involved in practicing or creating art. I am an artist because I create art by painting pictures.
painting is a full time job which involves always working on new paintings. Most importantly, researching and learning new things to expand one’s horizon, move with the changing society and ultimately, better the craft.

• What is that one thing every artist must possess in Order to excel in this career path?
Passion is a can’t do without. When an artist is passionate about his career, it makes everything bearable especially when the society makes him feel like he is wasting his time. Passion wakes him up in the morning to sketch or paint his new idea, passion makes him push harder even when situation demands he gives up and ultimately, passion keeps him going until the time he finally achieves self fulfilment.

• What are the basic factors one need to consider before choosing this career path?
I believe that just like every other career, you need to consider if Its really what you want and in considering this, you need to be truthful to yourself if you derive genuine happiness from it or not. Again, a career that doesn’t bring satisfaction affects one’s ability to deliver effectively and efficiently, but what if you gain happiness and earn a living from what you enjoy doing? In this sense, one needs to consider how he can turn his passion to profit.

• What are the skills and competencies needed to succeed in art?
Of course, to be a professional and successful artist, you need to acquire and possess the following skills:

• Composition skills
• Knowledge of the rules of perspectives
• Knowledge of golden proportions
• Creativity skills
• Writing and speaking skills

• For secondary school students aspiring to pursue post secondary education in this field, what course in tertiary institutions is most relevant and what are the specific subjects he/she must be grounded in?
The course most relevant to this career field is Fine Arts. For secondary school students that wishes to acquire post secondary education in this field, they must be grounded in Fine Arts, Literature in English, English language and any other related subjects. This in fact is necessary in gaining admission to study Fine Arts in tertiary institutions. Again, professionals are born from consistent practices and time. There are self taught artists who today are professionals. Although, gaining the right qualifications gives one upper and faster hand with much commitment and hardwork.

• What is the most interesting thing about this career choice?
For me, the most interesting thing about my career choice is the fact that from onset, my parents were so patient with me as opposed to typical Nigerian parents. Again, there is a sense of feeling that makes me convinced that this is what I am supposed to do.

• In adequately preparing our young ones for this career field, what are the gaps in our educational system that needs to be minded?
There is a mis-information about what a career in art really is. I never understood what a career in art really is until just recently. Again, our educational system is not really equipping us with the skills needed to excel in the real world, neither are they teaching us the business side of it.

Conclusively, a little bit of advise for those aspiring to be Fine Artists, and those already in the career path. No matter how difficult it all might seem, if Its really what you love, keep pushing because failure is an opportunity for a better come back. Again, your patience is definitely going to be tested consecutively, but like all good things, nothing comes in a platter.

Finally, keep the good work going and be thankful for any little success made!

We sincerely hope you benefited from this post. Have a lovely day!

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