10 Feb 2020

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Today’s topic: Emotional intelligence:

Hello friends, welcome to the employability skills series. We plan to interview
various human resource professionals to give their opinion on the relevance of
some of these skills and the application in the world of work. Today, we have
Ademola Bello, who is a tutor and Human Resource manager at Omnicom
Solution. He has several years of experience in working with organization’s most
valuable asset – people.

Mr. Bello, what does emotional intelligence mean to you?
Emotional intelligence has to do with having better understanding and control of
ones emotions in relating to other people. It has to do with understanding why
people behave or act in a particular way; understanding their personality traits,
moods and what drives them; and employing this awareness in relating with

Does emotion influence the decisions we make?
Often times, decisions are mostly influenced by our emotions, but a good leader is
expected to be rational in decision making. Note that this does not take the place
of compassion. It is about being emotionally intelligent and knowing how to act at
each time. In fact, the World Economic Forum reported that emotional
intelligence is one of the top skills required to be successful as a leader in this new

Has there been a time when your mood altered your performance at your
workplace? Yes! Mood and performance cannot easily be separated. One is
implicit, while the other is explicit. Our emotions affect everything we do which
was why we employed praise singers for kings in the olden days to calm their
nerves. Moods can affect performance and this is why one must be professional
enough to manage it, without allowing it to affect relationships with colleagues in
the workplace. This way, the goals and objectives of the organization would be
successfully achieved.

Kindly share an experience where you applied emotional intelligence.
I once had a staff at work who claimed to have been robbed of certain things but
there was no evidence of an armed robbery attack. Of course, I was
compassionate but I was also aware that the rational thing must be done. The
police were involved and an investigation was carried out. It was later discovered
that there was no armed robbery incident, as the story was formulated. A
panel was set up and the employee was disciplined according to the
organization’s handbook.

How can a student, job applicant and other individuals build and sharpen their
emotional quotient (EQ)? To possess EQ, one must be ready to read, understand
his or herself, what triggers certain actions or behaviours, and what motivates
him or her. EQ can be learnt and developed over time. Audiobooks like ” Working
with emotional intelligence” by Daniel Goleman would be indeed helpful.

What other information do you wish to share with young people regarding
employability skills? Learn a skill; develop the one you have and it would be
sharpened over time. Learning from people ahead of you is also important. Do
not be afraid to make mistakes or fail because failure is an opportunity to become
better. Other 21 st century skills required include analytical skills, critical thinking
skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and more.

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